A letter to our Members and Board of Advisors

The Citrus Tower closed before the executive order on March 16, 2020. From the beginning, we have taken this situation quite seriously as our commitment to safety is and always will be paramount. Due to this closure, the Tower is experiencing a tough time, as are most other small businesses, as we work through the decrease in traffic. We are all in this together, and we believe we will make it out stronger and encourage our other small businesses in the complex to strive to be creative and come out with new strategies and ideas to generate value for the consumer.

Elevator Modernization

As you know, before the Covid situation came on the scene we announced that this was the year of our elevator modernization project. Given the huge amount of new traffic and following the advice of our elevator company, we decided it was time. This will greatly increase the reliability of the Tower’s largest piece of equipment. This project still has a green light for this year.

Once we closed for Covid, we immediately began working to escalate the time frame for our elevator repair so we can reopen sooner for our guests. Much of the preparation work has been complete, and our elevator company is set to begin work shortly.  We are excited to be able to use this downtime to push forward! Our current expectation is for this project to be complete before the end of summer.

Mountaineer Coffee

Throughout this closure, there are things that have certainly been difficult. One of these, which we are so sad about is the closure of Mountaineer Coffee Citrus Tower. Mountaineer has not only become an integral part of our Member experience at the Tower, but they have also become our close friends. Mountaineer will not be reopening in our location. However, please feel free to visit them in Brooksville! We know this is going to make our guests and members so disappointed. Please be assured that we are working diligently to find a solution that you will all enjoy.

Membership Extensions

We will be extending all of our memberships during this time. We will always do our absolute best to be honest and fair to you. Your membership and friendship with the Tower is one of the best parts of the business and we will work hard to do right by you.

We’re excited to use this downtime to strategically work to increase our guest experience and become a better location for our community to enjoy.

Although the Tower will stay closed for some time, we ask that our Members and Advisory Board continue to patronize our tenants when they can. These businesses are the backbone of the Tower and we are dedicated to their success and wish to help where we can.

Stay healthy, and we’ll see you at the Top soon!

-Citrus Tower

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